Teaches kids programming basics.
PoopScoop is a puzzle game for Windows computers that was designed to help kids understand some programming basics. Guide ROBOT through various levels, avoid the pits and the pools; jump, push or pull your way to victory - just don't run out of power when there is still poop to scoop! PoopScoop differs from most computer games because you must give Robot a list of commands that he will faithfully execute when you press 'OK'. Get the commands wrong and Robot will jump into a pit or fall into the water. Most levels require you to find the most efficient route through the mazes.

DOWNLOAD PoopScoop version 1.01f by following this link
DOWNLOAD LitterPik version 1.01f by following this link 

A typical PoopScoop level.  Guide the robot through the maze; collect the 'poop', dig through walls, push crates, jump over boulders, but most of all have fun.

Now with level designer so kids can create their own mazes and then solve them.

New!  LitterPik

LitterPik is a version of PoopScoop aimed at younger audiences. If you think that the concept of 'scooping poop' might make them giddy, then you will find that LitterPik is the same game with the 'poop' replaced by 'litter' - or crushed cans of cola.

DOWNLOAD LitterPik version 1.01f by following this link.