Spellunker (now with more artwork by Pob)

The Adventures of Wordsworth Spellunker.

Spellunker is a spelling game for Windows.

DOWLOAD version (re-released 2021-12-29)  

Battle the Semanticore; capture the Lexicorn; cross the bridge abridged and evade the Killer Spelling Bees.
With over twenty levels of spelling fun, Spellunker is a word game with a story line.  Can you help Wordsworth find his missing parents, or will you become a victim of the Richard Wight-ly?
Solve Each level by trying to spell the best word you can from the sixteen letters you are given.
You have just three minutes to defeat each level.  The longer the word you 'Spellunk' the more points you earn.
Join Wordsworth's adventures in the Qwerty Caverns.

View the Spellunker linoit canvas (see all of the Spellunker artwork in one place)