Introducing Starfunk - the game of interstellar trade and combat!

DOWNLOAD version 2.05.a available 05/February 2013 (see below for what's new)

Travel through 8 galaxies and hundreds of planets.

Battle AI controlled ships.

Trade in up to 8 commodities, and fly over 25 different ships!

Battle for survival against pirates, or plunder the trade routes yourself!

Visit strange new worlds, then kill them!

Hours of fun, enjoy!
What's new in version 2_05_a ? (05/Feb/2013)

Bugs fixed:
*The mining laser no longer slows the game down when activated.
*Making over 19 million space pounds no longer crashes the game.
*Missions are cancelled when traveling into another galaxy.

*All ships and commodities have been tweeked in the interests of game balance.
*Higher bounties and mission rewards.

New Stuff:
*5 new PC ships added.
*Pirates now travel in convoy.

DOWNLOAD version 2.05.a available 05/February 2013


love the starfunk Game. one request though. Unless i am missing something of course. Need a way to view your current mission in case one forgets the coordinates of said mission.

It is displayed on the right-hand-side, just above the list of commands. Glad you like the game.