My Planet - progress report #9

I know you have been dying to find out about my planet's progress.  Sorry for the delay, I hope this information is not mission-critical for you.

Current population:
18.9 million currently alive.
9.2 million currently listening to Pearl Jam in The Underworld.
1.6 with me in Paradise.

Population of the Moon.
zero (why did they all die?)

Play yourself - My Planet is available from ApeApps - (follow this link for Android version and this link for the Windows 8 version. I'm playing on Windows 8.)

Stuff we would like to see in My Planet: more planets; asteroids!; terraform equipment; more planet-development graphics.
Just a graveyard to the 100 brave astronauts and the 33 babies they sired whilst exploring this airless world.  Now they are in the Underworld listening to Grunge music from the 1990s.