My Planet - progress report #2

It's time for a good deity to turn the rain back on.
Hi all.  I am sure you are all dying to know how my planet is faring.  Well, so far so good.  My planet was completely dry when I finished work today, but I managed to summon a rain cloud the size of Mars to soak the planet from it's northern pole.  The severe drought (literally no hydrogen atoms had formed any bonds with oxygen atoms on the surface of my planet) did not seem to affect the birth-rate: I've nearly doubled the population over-night. 

Statistics fans will want to know: 
53% of people born on my planet are currently alive.
59% of souls go to "Paradise"

Ignore the poor reviews on the App store, and give My Planet a good try from Ape Apps.

Tune in tomorrow for more updates from one deity to another.