Goliath is a free open-source text adventure game for Windows.  We are still in the early stages of development, however it is presented here for educational purposes.

Current version: 1_23 (uploaded 2013-11-05)

Download version 1.23 executable and source code

The Goliath software currently runs a simple interactive fiction game.  The interpreter understands simple text commands, such as 'NORTH' or 'EXAMINE KEY'.  The player moves between various LOCATIONS, and can interact with the game world through various OBJECTS, SCRIPTS and BEINGS.

I am more interested in the challenge of coding a game engine than the actual adventure game itself, and indeed, the game that is currently available is rather limited (however, the source code has been provided so anyone brave enough can modify to their heart's content).

Still awake? OK, the following is a brief description of the current features in GOLIATH.  For more information mail me.

The various locations within your game world link together through the compass directions.  Each location has a description that is shown when the player arrives or 'looks' around.  Locations can be dark (the player does not see much), underground (not fully implemented) or can be special locations that trigger scripts (see below).

These are the various commands that bring some spice to the game.  Scripts allow things to happen when the player types on of the commands.  Scripts can be in one of four states: OFF, STARTING, ON, and FINISHING.  Scripts allow for changes in the game, for example, objects to disappear, or appear in the player's hands.  Scripts could teleport the player to another location, or change the description or exits from a room (see the 'door' in the source code).

The various objects in the game world which can be taken, examined, eaten, etc.  Objects can have various properties including being light-sources and weapons.

The various people, beasties, monsters, creatures and critters in your game world.  Beings can roam the game world, and the player may interact with them.  Some respond if you ask them about things, but others attack the player.

Download version 1.23 executable and source code