New improved Reverse Polish Notation calculator

Announcing the latest version of the Superdecade Games RPN Calculator.  If you can contain your excitement, please visit the link below.

Visit the Downloads page for the full source code and executable version.

What's new in version 3?
* COPY command added.  Copies the accumulator to the Windows Clipboard.
* ACC ON/ACC OFF comands added.  Turning on forces the accumulator not to clear after a calculation.  The following result is added to the accumulator following each calculation.
* HEX/DEN/BIN/OCT commands added to switch between base 16, base 10, base 2 and base 8.
* LAST special variable added which stores the current value of the accumulator, allowing the previous result to be treated as a variable in proceeding calculations.
* INV function added.  Returns 1/x where x is the argument.