Unofficial Talisman Game legacy

I continue to receive requests for a download of the Unofficial Talisman Game. Unfortunately I am unable to provide a link under the conditions of the "cease and desist" order from Games Workshop. This is such a shame because version 9 was freaking awesome! It is a shame that GW feel that they have to protect their Intellectual Property so vigorously as I share the opinion of many of you that the Unofficial Talisman PC Game was nothing but a free 'walking advert' for Games Workshop. Perhaps it is because Games Workshop own a property that is so vague and ephemeral ("Wizard", "Psionic Blast", "Rune sword", "Maiden"....... what?! I can't call my guy a wizard??!"). I am being flippant, but there are many examples of GW stomping on the fan-made creations out there because:
GW will not tolerate your activities as they could lead to confusion in the mind of the consumer
GW "cease and desist"
You might enjoy our other games PoopScoop, ASCIIBombman or Starfunk.

Thank you for all your kind words and I hope your quest for version 9 is successful and avoids any nasty communication from the GW Bully Boys.

Just in case there is any confusion in the minds of any of our readers.  The following image is a screenshot from the new Nomad Games Officially licensed version of Talisman:

This is a screen shot from the Unofficial game by the amateur programmer T Street from "Superdecade Games" (A completely unofficial version of Talisman, in no way endorsed by Games Workshop that has been removed from all sites we control.  Phew!  Oh yeah, and these images have been used completely without permission, just in case you were in anyway "confused" as a "consumer")