Spellunker - the adventures of Wordsworth Spellunker

Introducing our latest game - Spellunker (the adventures of Wordsworth Spellunker)!

Spellunker is a spelling game for Windows.  Defeat each level by earning as many points as you can spelling words from the letters you are given.  Help our hero, Wordsworth Spellunker find his missing parents by defeating the Semanticore!  Ride the Lexicorn and out spellunk the cyclops.

Just beware of the Killer Spelling Bees!

Spellunker is a spelling game with a story (thanks to Ben for writing the story, and Pob for the artwork).

Play with your mouse or touch screen.  Over twenty levels of spelling fun awaits you...

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Three minutes - Sixteen letters.  Spell as many words as you can to defeat each level.  The longer the word, the more points you score.

Help our Hero Wordworth Spellunker find his parents by defeating the various perils of the Qwerty Caverns.