Reading a text file into a string byte by byte

A BBC BASIC demo showing byte-by-byte input from a file.

The following demo takes a single text file as input and reads it into a single string variable.  The work is done by the bget# function which reads a single byte from the file and adds it to the string.

My test file used for input.  We shall read this in byte by byte (carriage returns and all)
The program running.  Here we decided to do something useful with the data, ie split it up into  individual records.

     REM reading an entire file into a string
     REM and outputing one line at a time
     REM T Street
     REM 2015-03-18
INSTALL @lib$+"stringlib" : REM used by the split function

fulltext$ = "" : REM string to hold all the input

CRLF$ = CHR$(13)+CHR$(10) : REM carriage return line feed

DIM eachline$(1) : REM array to store each line of the input
     REM I don't know how big this should be yet

     REM read the input file into the string
     REM -----------------------------------
     REM open file for reading
infile% = OPENIN("textfile.txt")
     WHILE NOT(EOF#infile%)
       REM read each byte from the text file
       REM and convert to ASCII character
       REM append to the text string
fulltext$ += CHR$(BGET#infile%)

REM now we have the full text file in a single string
PRINT "The full text is"
     PRINT "----------------"
     PRINT fulltext$
     PRINT "----------------"

     REM split the textfile at the carriage returns
     REM to create an array
     REM we can then do what we like with the array

parts% = FN_split( fulltext$, CRLF$, eachline$() )

     PRINT "There are "STR$(parts% DIV 3)" record(s) in the file"

     n% = 0
     WHILE n% < parts%
       PRINT "-------------------------"
       PRINT "RECORD #"STR$(n% DIV 3+1)
       PRINT "Dinoaur : ", eachline$(n%)
       n% += 1
       PRINT "name means '" eachline$(n%) "'"
       n% += 1
       PRINT "length : " eachline$(n%)
       n% += 1

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