Writing a #javascript game 3

So, I have been making slow but steady progress with my Javascript text adventure game.  So far I have implemented quests which can be started at the village.  Each quest is a series of challenges which I have encoded in a json file.  Each challenge script requires the player to pick from a list of statistics in Top Trumps style in an attempt to defeat the challenge.  Failure to beat the challenge results in pain, damage, death or failure of the quest.  Completing a challenge will result in experience points that can be used to increase your stats (not yet implemented).  Completing quests will result in more things becoming unlocked in the village (starting with the village healer and the tavern).  I have also implemented a json file containing a variety of artefacts that can be discovered and used by the player.  Some artefacts are 'static' in that they always apply one or more bonus or penalty to the player's stats.  Non static objects can be activated.  Last night I implemented weapons (the player can only have one weapon at a time) and armour (which can only be worn when the player is not currently engaged in a quest).

I have decided to use Sweet Alert for all the message boxes in the game.  This is because Sweet Alert is really, well, sweet, and also because it is very easy to use.  Below is an image of a Sweet Alert message box in action.

An example of a sweet alert message.
SweetAlert was created by Tristan Edwards, you can follow him on Twitter or Dribbble for updates and other cool projects!

See you next time for more Have Spell Will Travel updates.