It's not just a calculator app

I've updated my reverse polish calculator for Windows 10.

Reverse polish is a mathematical notation in which the operators are place to the right of the operand.  For example 3 + 4 becomes 3 4 + in reverse polish.  Calculations in RP are much simpler as you do not need to use parentheses to indicate the order of operation of your calculation.

My reverse polish calculator allows you to perform calculations in RP, but it does much more than that!

1. Load a web page.  Simply type the url of the page you want.

Not just a calculator.  Type a url to open any web resource.
2. Load any resource from your computer using the open command.

Open specific resources, or type one of several commands for navigating windows file explorer.

3. Search the web.  Anything the calculator does not processes as a direct command, url or rpn expression is sent to the browser of your choice.

4. Run Windows Shell commands.  Windows 10 allows you to run shell commands allowing for command line access to all parts of the computer.  You can runs these shell commands directly from your calculator using the shell command.

Run Windows Shell commands directly from the calculator
5. There are loads of new features in the online help, including how to rename your window, lock your computer and restart your machine.

6. Did I mention you can perform reverse polish calculations with the calculator?

Perform calculations using binary, hex, octal or denary numbers.  Up to 26 variables.  Accumulator mode on/off.  Timer.
Head over to the downloads now --> reverse polish calculator for Windows.

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