Susan updated

Although I am not 100% serious about Susan, I do occasionally update her. Susan is a command-line driven, ASCII-based personal assistant app for Windows.

Susan version, follow the links to find out more.

I have pushed out a new version which you can download now.

What's new?

  1. Susan's messages now occur more frequently, and are date-specific. For example, tomorrow she will be wishing you a happy new year.
  2. Various bug fixes, specifically solving a problem with BBC RSS feeds which made the news appear with extra characters.
  3. Bug fix that caused the time to appear as 12am rather than 12pm.
  4. Load your Instagram page with the command 'insta'.
Susan main page showing news feed. If you feel the need for a command-line driven ASCII-based personal assistant, then Susan is your girl.
If you ran a previous version of Susan then you will be directed to the new Download location as soon as you boot her up again.