New update to Have Spell Will Travel

Today I have pushed out a new update to my adventure game Have Spell Will Travel.

If you don't know Have Spell Will Travel, it is a game of luck, skill and fantasy questing. You take control of one of over a hundred different protagonists who then go on a series of adventures against the computer, all the time trying not to die. It lives somewhere in between the games of Talisman and Top Trumps.

What's new?

Thanks to some feedback from players I have reduced the cost of various items in the village. You can now stock up on magic potions at a much cheaper price.

There are also a number of new challenges to get you going, including an endpoint to the dungeon. There are several new items to discover, but I wont say much about that so as not to spoil the surprise of finding them.

So, if you have some time to kill, and you feel like getting killed by fantastic beasties in a fantasy setting, then do check out Have Spell Will Travel now!