Life hack 03

It is quite possible that this one doesn't count as a life hack because it is actually a little-known design featured added by many manufacturers, however this will make your life easier, and of the two people I asked, neither had heard of it before (scientific, I know).  When I said it was a 'little-known' feature I think it is safe to assume that you don't know about this trick. If you do, then award yourself one geek experience point and move onto something else.

The problem
You will be aware of the frustration that accompanies the use of kitchen foil, cling film or any other such product that comes on a cardboard tube inside a cardboard box. The roll move often than not just comes out of the box whenever you try to grab a length of it. With cling film this is even more frustrating as the vexatious stuff has a tendency to stick to itself.

Push the tabs in. What do you mean, you've never read the side of the box before?!

The solution:
Are you aware that manufactures place two flaps at the side of the box? These are designed to be pushed in through ninety degrees. They act like an axle through the ends of the tube which makes pulling a length of product from the tube much easier.

Usually when the party is REALLY swinging, I get my collection of packets out to show off.
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