Weird things spotted in Whitby today

I went to Whitby today.

Whitby is a lovely town on the North East coast of England. Whitby is a place where you can be who you want to be. Whitby is home to the famous Lucky Duck; was the place where Count Dracula first arrived in England; and is home to the superdecade games chatbot - Mac.

You will see many strange things in Whitby. Today I saw some, and managed to get a few on camera.

Kleptoparasitism is a thing. This is how gulls feed. Just because you bought the chips doesn't mean that the seagull respects your property. I saw this gull trying to break into someone's car. When it realised that it couldn't peck through the roof, it decided to try and eat the aerial instead. Then it saw my chips and wanted some. It didn't get any. I am not sure why this fellow looks like it has a mustache, it just does.
There are many junk shops in Whitby. This one is selling a sarcophagus. The shop was closed, but there was a phone number to ring if you wanted to enquire about anything. I want to ask how much this costs, because, you know, you need somewhere to sleep at night.
Errr, what? I don't know what the actual flip this is. Moving on....

This shop selling LPs from some of the worst vermin of society.
Taken from a poster by the authorities, encouraging us not to feed the vermin of the sea - the rats with wings, the aerial-munchers, the chip thieves. Is it just me, or does it look like that photograph of Theresa May? You know the one....
....Do NOT feed (or vote for unless you can afford to sell your house to pay for your health care).