Girls rate Code Combat

I introduced a class of year nine girls to Code Combat today, and asked them to review it for me.  Is it good?  Is it too hard/too easy?  Is it for boys only?

The students have already had some experience of Scratch, Gamemaker, Alice and the like, but this was their first exposure to Code Combat- a game in which you learn python programming by solving puzzles, all set in a child-friendly fantasy world.  I first reviewed it last month.  #CodeCombat #CodingInSchool

I asked the girls to send me a review. Here is what they said:
It was okay, the navigation steps could have been more precise.
Better if the coding would be shorter ( too complicated) overall an pretty decent game.
Personally, I don’t not like this game as I find it boring. I do not like typing as it wastes time, I would much rather click on arrows and I would find myself enjoying it that little bit more. However, the graphics and quality of the game was very impressive!
I generally enjoyed the game and even if I didn’t understand certain parts I quickly caught up! #CombatCode4Lyfe ;)
I enjoyed the game because it wasn’t too hard, but some parts were a bit confusing. The game is a bit weird but it’s quite fun. #combatcode4lyfe
I think the game is a good and practical game which is educational for learning coding. However, I think it is quite boring and the prizes are awful!
It was average but could do with more different themes e.g. a wonderland, a farm or a school and the character could do more interesting.
I thought this game was very good and once you start to play it, you feel as if you have to finish all the levels!
I thought it was a really fun game! It gets interesting once you get into the game! I reckon its worth a try!
Really fun, not much of a challenge, banterous, fun once you get into the swing of things, very addictive
Good, entertaining, could be more challenging but I like it as it is. Slightly addictive, fun and easy to follow.
Better than coding a game. This lesson has been better that what we have been doing all year. It’s an ok game?! I enjoyed what I played but I wouldn’t play it again unless we could play it instead of coding in our ICT lessons. J ~combatcode
I think that the Code Combat game is really enjoyable, at times it can get a bit repetitive, but overall a brilliant game.
I enjoy this game but I find it a bit tedious because there is loads of typing and it’s quite hard. But as a summary I think it will appeal well to younger people as it is cartoony and interesting!! #COMBATCODE4LYFE JJJ
It was quite boring but would be quite good for learning how to code. Maybe have different levels not just a castle.
I found the game ok but sometimes I did not understand it
I thought it was alright, a bit annoying though.
The games was ok but I kept dying which was annoying as I lost all my lives a lot.
Alright…I guess…bit annoying & repetitive but was ‘banterous’  Fun once you get into it, great time kill though… J

A few things I noticed as the girls worked through the levels:

  • Moving from drag-and-drop programming languages to languages where you type full commands was a culture shock to many girls.
  • Many students ignored the features of the game such as claiming rewards for completing puzzles, or the tutorial help features.  One student chose to type her code out three times rather than learn how to perform iteration, and wasn't bothered about missing out on the bonus points for not doing so.

  • The girls categorically denied that the game was for boys only.

The average rating for Code Combat by the girls was 3.2 stars out of 5.