Kids create logos

I asked my year 8 class to design a logo for their imaginary company.  They went online and found some of the following free web apps for logo creation with made designs with some considerable success.  I've rated them here in terms of their availability and ease of use.  #logos #education

Logo garden
Logo garden front page

Very easy to use interface.

A really great site.  Very easy to use, change font, add colour etc.   Loads of presets to choose from.  Undo function is a real bonus.  No sign-in required so very useful for school projects.
Rating 5/5


Maybe it will work again one day?

I've seen some great results from this site - with some really professional-looking logos created effortlessly and intuitively.  Unfortunately I could not get it to work in Chrome as I write this post.  What a shame!
Rating 1/5


An old favourite.

We really like Textcraft.  This web app allows you to create Minecraft style logos with relative ease.  There are loads of different blocky fonts to choose from and you can have up to three lines in your logo.  Really like the transparency feature as well.  Also, no sign-in required.
Rating 5/5

Logo Maker

Type in your brand name...

Loads of Logos generated.

Once you have selected a preset - you can use an intuitive interface to modify the design.

Register your account with your Google account and then receive the heart-breaking news that this free app is not free at all and you have to pay 15 quid for your own work.  What a shame.
Rating 0/5

Choose from loads of preset designs.

Easy to use modification tools.

We really like Cooltext.  Simple and effective and no sign-up required.

Rating 5/5