Guess the numbers in #python

I was asked by a student for the solution to the guess the numbers game in python, so here it is.

You get 8 guesses to find the secret number.  Each time you guess correctly the game moves to a more complicated level, starting from 1-100, then 1-200, and then the more challenging 1-400 and 1-800.   Good luck on the impossible 1-1600 and beyond levels.

# guess the numbers game
# by Mr Street
# 2015-10-24

import random

level = 1
gameOver = False
# this is the main loop
while not(gameOver):
    # get a new random number
    target = random.randint(1, 100*(2**(level-1)))
    guesses = 0
    guessedCorrect = False
    #this is each level
    while not(guessedCorrect) and guesses < 8:
        print("\n\nLEVEL "+str(level))
        print("Guess number "+str(guesses+1))
        print("I'm thinking of a number between 1 and "+str(100*(2**(level-1)) )+" what is it?")
        guess = int(input("? > ")) # my prompt
        #check whether it is correct
        if guess > target:
            print("TOO HIGH!")
        elif guess < target:
            print("TOO LOW!")
            print("CORRECT - YOU ARE A LEGEND!")
            guessedCorrect = True # set end of level flag
        guesses += 1 # record number of guesses

    # you reach this point by either running out of guesses or guessing correctly
    if not(guessedCorrect):
        print("\nYou have run out of guesses.")
        print("\n\nNEXT LEVEL!\n\n")
        level += 1 # increase the difficulty