Weird Particle Art Thingums

Introducing a selection of weird particle art thingy-bobs from around the web.  Do enjoy!  Plus one geek experience point for all the developers.

Victor Taba

Victor Taba is an experimental flash animation.  You will need, err, Flash installed to play it.  What to expect:  Spooky music - check.  Random shapes - check.  That's it.  Victor Taba has it in buckets.  Wiggle your mouse, more shapes appear.  There is not much more I can say about this, but do have fun.

Featuring the music of Thomas Lanza, Victor Taba is available for installations.

Just click anywhere to feel like you are in control of what happens.


Hakim presents 'the experiments' a playground for Flash, HTML and CSS adventures.  Featured here is the Keylight project.  Imagine an empty box in which you can place musical tones.  A laser beam travels from one tone to the next, travelling salesman style, in the process generating a possibly recognizable tune.  Then imagine it no longer as you can actually play with it now.

Double click to add spheres.  Then sit back and endure your creation.

Ball Droppings

The screenshot does not do this app any favours, just go and check it out.  Draw lines with your mouse to create platforms that deflect the dropping balls.  When you do they create musical tones upon impact.

Draw platforms to deflect the dropping balls.  Alter the ball drop rate and gravity.  Have fun now!

Sugar, sugar

One of my favourites.  Draw with the mouse; try and get the sugar to land in the cups.

Loads of levels to play with.  Each one harder than the next, as you would expect.
Sugar, Sugar reminds me of Water World on the BBC Microcomputer.  Having nothing to do with the movie of the same name, Water World involved drawing pipes to channel particles of water.  Originally published in Acorn User Magazine in July 1992.
Water World appeared one of the Beebug user group discs in 1996.  If you really want to play this (and your really do), then do get in touch.
That's all for now, but we will return soon for more nerdy computer stuff and hopefully we will dish out a few more geek experience points.