Hacking a JavaScript text adventure game 4

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Continuing our JavaScript adventure game series.  Today we will add a scoring system.

1. Downloading the files
2. Adding the scoring system

1. Downloading the files
You will need a copy of three files to use this example.  Download now.

The files are:
index.html (this is the code for the main page)
flags.json (this code keeps track of the various flags used in the game)
script.json (this code keeps all of the adventure game - the options and paragraphs of text).

2. Adding the scoring system

We are going to add a scoring system so reading certain paragraphs will reward you will points.

Here we have added a 'Gold' counter to keep track of the score, but this could really be anything, and of course, the counter could count up or down, and you could have multiple counters if this makes sense in your game.

Here on line 49 we've added a new variable to keep track of the 'Gold'.  It starts at 0.

Line 61 adds the gold found at a location to the current score.  Note that this will run every time you visit a location whether you intend to or not.  Currently the game cannot detect whether you have visited a location before or not.

Here I have gone into the script file and added a new attribute for each location.  Each location now has an amount of gold associated with it.  Notice that this is used on line 61 of the main program?

Line 64 changed so that the current gold value is displayed onscreen under the title.

A little CSS to make things look a little nicer.

That's all for today. - Next time we'll make a longer example program; add some more CSS to make things pretty and have some reminders so you know what objects you have found so far.  See you there.