Where is the corner of an apple?

I always say that if you want to get good at programming then you should solve puzzles, or play with Lego, or solve the sudoko, or watch the Crystal Maze, or carve a pumpkin, or do something else that makes you think through a problem.  It was for this reason that one of my students gave me an early Christmas present of a 44 piece 3D jigsaw today.

Or maybe it was because he knows how much I love Apple computers - NOT.

The puzzle straight out of the box.

With a traditional jigsaw, you start by finding the corners and then the edges and then work inwards.  I decided to use the same strategy here.  Now, where is the corner of an apple?

Here I am slowly building the Apple in two halves.  I didn't bother to read the instructions.

One hour later - the finished product - and as the box reads: "It is very interesting, challenging to one's mind. Also you can enjoy to display them in your room as a beautiful object." (sic)
Many thanks to Jake for the thoughtful gift.  You can follow Jake's new blog over on his wordpress site.

+1 Geek Experience points awarded to Jake and separately to www.kinato.com

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