Candy from PearlMountain got in touch recently and asked me to do a review of DesignEvo. I don't often get asked to review software. I prefer to showcase stuff I find interesting as and when I find it myself, but Candy asked nicely, so here we go.

DesignEvo is a very easy to use tool for creating vector logos. After a brief tutorial you are deposited on a blank 500 x 500 canvas with three tabs one the left hand side. Candy promises me professional looking logos in seconds and she doesn't disappoint.

A very intuitive interface with over one million icons available through search.

There are three main elements to your design: Icons, text and shapes. These can then be freely arranged on your canvas. I had a go at creating a new logo for HaveSpellWillTravel. I started my stop watch at the end of the tutorial and I had produced the following design after 48 seconds.

Let's check those credentials again. "Professional-looking logo" - CHECK. Created in seconds - YOU BET! 48 seconds in fact.
Some really nice features include:

  • Dotty green guidelines on the canvas to help you position your stuff.
  • The ability to download your logo - for FREE in JPEG, PNG and transparent format, although they do ask that you credit the source back to DesignEvo, which I guess is only fair. A link along the lines of: Logo made with DesignEvo is required.
  • The preview feature allows you to see how your logo as it would appear on your headed notepaper or tee-shirt.

See how your logo would look on your employees' chests, or in the foyer of your HQ in Silicon Valley. 
Our review summary: This is a really easy to use tool that would be perfect for school projects.

Our rating: 5/5 and +1 Geek Experience Point for PearlMountain.

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