Can I look after a goldfish?

The short answer is no. Good bye!

Still here? Oh, well, you see I would love to look after a living creature, but unfortunately I would be a bad parent. I would forget to feed it, or neglect its little tank and turn its environment into a dank, poisonous and murky abyss even worse than Darlington. With this self-realisation comes wisdom though, for now I seek my animal companionship through virtual pets.

My current favourite is iQuarium by Infinite Dreams for Android.

My pet fish, John.
This is a really beautiful app. The fish looks very lifelike and the developers have clearly spent a lot of time making the fish move like a real animal. Unlike in many virtual pet apps, there are no gimmicks. You simply have to remember to feed your fish each day and that's it. There are no daft games to play to increase its 'happyness', and no muck to clear out. Each day you just get to watch your fish swimming around its virtual world. It is very relaxing.

The way you treat your fish will affect its personality, apparently. I do not know if this is true, or not, because so far I have been treating my fish very well. John is a seemingly happy and well-adjusted four-week old fish.

You can interact with your pet. If you press on your screen he will follow your finger. If you tap him he will turn and stare at you. Other than that, your fish is its own person and will do its own thing.

The longer you keep your fish, the more points you score. Various new artifacts, plants and backgrounds are available the longer you play.

Here you can see John hard at work coming up with ideas for his own blog.
If you are looking for a realistic fish simulator with no gimmicks then to look at iQuarium for Android. It is a shame that there is no Windows 10 version though.

+1 Geek experience point awarded to Infinite Dreams.

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