My virtual pet, Phil

This is Phil.  He is my virtual pet.

As you can see, Phil has done a little poo.

This app is very reminiscent of the classic Tamagotchis of Lore.  Wildagotchi is available in the Android store, or for your Windows Phone.

Game play is very simple.  You need to keep him from going hungry (so feed him when you do); you need to give him rest (so put him to bed when you go to sleep) and you need to play games with him. In one such game you need to guide your virtual pet across a busy road in the hope that he doesn't get squashed under the heavy traffic. This is virtually impossible not to do.  Despite being squashed countless time's your virtual pet will thank you for the fun times and his/her happiness will increase. The games are different depending on which of the twelve creatures available you currently have.

At the start of the game you get to choose a type of creature, its gender and give it a name.  There are just two types of critter to choose from, but you unlock more as you progress.  Your virtual animal will start off as a baby, and grows each day.  Phil is currently three days old and has reached 100% maturity without dying.  Go me.  This means that I can now unlock the gorilla or the panda.

The app is perfect for children, or for grown-up children who want to relive their Tamagotchi days, or indeed for people like me who are not even responsible enough to look after a goldfish.

One aspect I really like is that they haven't gone all out with the cartoon graphics.  The LCD like display looks just great.

Phil, in his early days, running on my awesome Lumia 950.