More awesome particle art

You may remember our original posts on particle art, or probably not, so here's another one.

Earth Editor

In this game you create and destroy a virtual planet: shower it with rocks, ice, water or fling meteors at it.  Whatever you fancy really.  When you are bored of this one, there is a whole post of apps that let you create your own solar system to try too.

Plus one geek experience point for the guys at Dan Ball.

Particle Art

Particle Art is an app for Windows 8-10.  You can add 'attractors' of various 'mass' then send in a stream of particles which produces such pretty images as you can see above.

Fractal Viewer

Fractal viewer for Windows 8-10 lets you explore the Mandelbrot, Julia, Burning Ship and Lyapunov Fractals. You can create Custom Julia Set and set as your as LockScreen Wallpaper.  Although not truly 'particle art', it's good stuff and well worth a look.

HTML5 Canvas Particle System

The HTML 5 Canvas Particle System is well worth a look.  It is an opensource project from Richard Teamnco. You control the colour,  number of particles, particle lifespan, dispersion range, direction angle, particle speed and particle size. It uses the HTML 5 canvas so will run in a modern browser.

Plus one geek experience point for Richard Teammco.

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