I bought some dinosaur poo

Yesterday I went on a day trip to Robin Hood's Bay in Yorkshire and was delightfully surprised to discover the Yorkshire Coast Dinosaur & Fossil museum.  If you are ever in the area then it is well worth a visit.

I couldn't resist buying a piece of fossilized dinosaur poo, which just goes to show that you can indeed polish a ****.

Macro photo of my fossilized dinosaur poo, or coprolite.
Me: Is this really dinosaur poo?
Curator: Yes, it is?
Me: Where does it come from?
Curator: From America.  America is full of it!
Me: It still is...

Yorkshire Coast Dinosaur and Fossil Museum - School parties welcome.  Plus one geek experience point awarded!
Robin Hood's Bay, so called because according to the legend, Robin Hood defeated a bunch of French pirates here and distributed the booty to the poor-folk of the village.  The beach makes for a fantastic walk and you will likely find some interesting shells and maybe even a fossil or two.