geeky things to say to Cortana

If you are like me then you love talking to technology and you are a geek. So, ahead of Star Wars day tomorrow, here are some geeky things you can say to Cortana if you get a moment.

"Give me a Star Trek Quote" - There are FOUR lights!

"Give me a Star Trek quote" - Should be KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN! though, right?

"Give me a Red Dwarf quote"

"What's your favourite Star Wars Movie" - again, Cortana is wrong. There are only two good Star Wars movies.

"Tell me a Star Wars joke" - chortle
Do you really need to be told what I said?
"Give me a high five"
"May the force be with you"

If you enjoyed this post then you might want to take a long hard look at yourself and maybe get out into the countryside a bit more often. Failing that, you can amuse yourself a bit more with some Star Wars Name Generator fun, or maybe just some more posts about Cortana.