Lego city cargo train

Well, I know I haven't posted in a while. Life has thrown up some interesting challenges and upheavals over the last nine months, but my new year resolution is to get this blog back up and running and make it geekier than ever.

So, in the interest of sharing something geeky for the new year, here is my most recent project, the Lego city cargo train.

Lego city cargo train under construction:

A dozen or so bags of stuff! You will need about four hours to build this set or a few friends to help.

It begins!

It began

Customary shot of Lego pieces scattered around

The beginnings of a very garish looking base. This will become the engine carriage.

The engine carriage under construction.

Almost there

Adding the 9V power supply

The almost complete engine

One of three cargo carriage sections.

More space for cargo

I love the detail on this

Lego city cargo train comes with enough track for a reasonable oval circuit, however, I've added some extra track pieces so the whole route is a little longer.

Some videos of the train in action. First sped-up:

And another one here:

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