Awesome things I found on the web today

Bored already?  Well it is Sunday.  Here are a few cool things I have found on the Web recently that might help waste a few moments for you too.  Enjoy!

Instacalc - online calculator you can share and embed.

A really nice online calculator.  Get answers as you type them using natural language.  You can also embed your calculator onto your website or blog.  Use variables and scientific notation; plenty of built in unit conversion tools, etc etc.

Track the ISS

Heavens Above

Try out this International Space Station tracker.  Plenty of space station information, and there is an Android App too.

Stargazing Augmented reality app, well worth checking out.

Star Walk

Try out this award-winning star-gazing app from Vito Technology.  Star Walk is an interactive astronomy guide that shows celestial objects in the exact positions on the sky above you, providing detailed information about them. Augmented reality meets star-gazing.



Waste some time with monsterland.  Try and get the little red monster to touch his big red brother by eliminating the other cute blocks in the way.

Connect Me

A great little puzzle game from the people who brought you monsterland (above).  Complete each puzzle by connecting the cute critters the only way they can.  Critters come in three types - critters you can move, critters you can rotate, and critters you can rotate AND move.