New version of Spellunker

I am delighted to announce that the new version of my spelling game Spellunker - the adventures of Wordsworth Spellunker - now features even more artwork by the fantastically talented Pob.

Head over to the Downloads page.

Spellunker is a spelling game AND an adventure game.  Follow Worsdworth Spellunker as he tries to find his missing parents.  Each level requires you to defeat the obstacles by casting 'spells' from the magic letters you are provided with.  You need to score an increasing amount of points on each three-minute level in order to proceed to ever more challenging levels.

Cast a 'spell' in Spelluker to defeat each level.

Each of the thirty-or-so levels features new artwork.  Here is a small taste of what is waiting for you...

Spellunking the bridge abridged.

Richard Wightly.  This foul spirit will bamboozle you with puns unless you can Spellunk him back.
Head over to the Downloads page.