Cool things found on The Web today

(or, how I spent my weekend)


This version of the game Rock-Paper-Scissors (or 'Paper-Scissors-Stone' in my day), is a demonstration of basic artificial intelligence.  Play against a computer opponent who uses the last 200,000 rounds of experience against you.  There are two modes of play: 'Novice' learns from your own tendencies, where 'Veteran' builds knowledge based on thousands of games against people all over the world.  Good luck!

Earth and Moon Viewer

This site from John Walker allows you to view the Earth from Space, or how it looks right now.  You can view from any latitude or longitude; from any preset city; comprehensive list of satellites, or from the sun or moon.  Comprehensive weather data can be superimposed onto the image.  In addition to viewing the earth, you can also view the moon (as the name of the site might suggest).

Morse Code Machine

A simple morse code generator from  Hit the buttons to generate the morse pattern or play a game to test your morse knowledge. .-.. --- .-..


Questionaut is a beautiful learning game from BBC bitesize games.  Suitable for 7 to 11 year olds, the aim of questionaut is to guide your very cute avatar through a series of animated puzzles.  The first level requires you to build a hot-air balloon so that you can travel up to each new level.  On each level, by interacting with the characters in the various strange worlds you will encounter, you must earn more 'fuel' for your balloon by answer questions correctly.  Once five questions are answered, you can carry on your way.

Curvy in HTML5

A frustrating puzzle that seems simple enough.  Rotate the hexagons to form continuous paths from one to the next.  Just when you think you are doing well, you discover that one path no longer works and the whole pattern needs rearranging.  Various levels of play allow you to create more and more challenging puzzles to fit your needs.'s all folks (until next time...)