Changing where Susan looks for the news

Unless you live in the UK, you will probably want to change where Susan looks for your news and weather information.  Susan uses RSS feeds to get news and weather.  By default these point to the BBC news feeds.  To change things, first find the RSS for the news or weather service you want.

Here is the RSS feed for BBC business news:

To set the business news as your main news feed, type:


Type 'rerun' to check everything went as planned. You should now be getting the news from your chosen feed.

Changing the Weather Feed.

First find the RSS weather feed for your area.

Second use the setWeatherfeed command as described above for the news feed.  Type 'rerun' or 'weather' to check that everything is as expected.

Changing the primary feed.

The primary feed is an additional news feed that you can set to any RSS feed you like. Susan will pull items from this feed onto here display at random intervals whenever she is bored.

Set the primary feed using the setPrimaryfeed command, followed by the RSS feed, as described above for the news feeds.

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