Some improvements to my chatbot

Today I made some improvements to 'Mac' my chatbot engine. It is still too early to release yet, but here are the new features:

The chat history is in reverse order. The latest response is at the top.

1. Mac can now remember the values of variables stored within the user's input. In the above example, it can match the variable <<name>> from the user's input "Some call me Tim" and "My name is Bob".

2. Mac has can have two different responses to user input depending on whether a condition evaluates as true.  Conditions are expressed in the format ( [conditon] AND [condtion] ... ) OR ([condition] AND [condition ] ... ) .... So, for example if you tell him your name is something different to what he thinks, you get a different response.

Well, that's it for now, but stay tuned for more chatbot developments - and a live version plus code for you to play with - coming soon!