I'm building a chat bot

Following my work on Susan, the ASCII personal assistant, I have become interested in chatbots. Today I set up an account with pandorabots and began to create my first bot - Mac, a ten year old cat from England.

It is early days yet.

It is still early days for Mac. Pandorabots use AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) for defining the responses to the human's input. I am still reading through the tutorial. There are libraries of responses you can import, however I want Mac to be unique, so I am coding him from scratch. As such, he can only respond to a few questions, but hopefully I will stay interested in the project and keep building him.

If you want to talk to Mac, then you will need a pandorabots account. There is an API through which I will eventually publish Mac, but for now I'll keep you posted on developments in this blog.

Mac, helping me code