Life hack 004

How do you remember the number of days in a month?

Do you just know it? Do you recite a poem to help you? Do you consult your calendar?

I use the following method.

Hold your hands out palms facing up and put your little (pinky) fingers together. Now recite the months in order starting with the index finger of your left hand. Move alternatively from the tips of your fingers to the area between each finger where two fingers join your hand. When you reach the little (pinky) finger of your left hand then you should have counted 'July' and moved on to the little finger of your right hand and counted 'August'.

Every time a month corresponds to the tip of your finger, then this month has 31 days. All the others either have 30 days, or is February, and you just need to remember that February is special.

Image credit: Evan Amos licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported 

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