Some weather apps

Yesterday's post started out about the Raspberry Pi Sense Hat, and ended up looking at the Barometer app for Lumia 950. Today, I'll look at a couple more useful weather apps for your Lumia 950.

I have been using GPS Thermometer Free from Jappi-Soft. This app uses your current location at matches it with publicly available weather station data to show the outside temperature for your location.

GPS Thermometer Free on Lumia 950
The paid version includes a live tile with adverts removed. Both versions include a choice of accent colours and displays. Bizarrely, several people in the comments section of the app were disappointed because the app doesn't display the inside temperature of their homes. These people have clearly misunderstood how this app works. I will reiterate: It finds the nearest weather station to you and displays the temperature as measured by that weather station on your screen.

Sun and Moon
I love this app. Sun & Moon by Ronca is a simple app that gives a representation of where the sun and moon are currently located in their daily cycles.

Sun and moon on Lumia 950 showing the current position of the sun as though you were facing South on a cloudless day.

It also shows the sun rise and sunset times and the expected hours of sunlight. Sadly, the app does not cope with the annoying habit we Brits have of setting our clocks forward one hour in summer, so you you also need to add one hour onto the times displayed onscreen.

Perfect Weather
This is one of the most beautiful weather apps I have seen for Windows 10. Perfect Weather is a universal app, which means it is available for both your phone and PC, or any other device running Windows 10. It defaults to your current location, however you can set it other locations as well. Your display will show the current weather conditions, temperature, wind speed and direction, sun rise and set times, air pressure, moon phase, moon rise and set times. In effect it does everything the other two apps do plus more. Sliding your finger across the display will show an animation of the weather for that day. If you want to pay for the full version you will get a choice of background themes which include a Star Wars theme, presumably so you can see what the weather is like onTatooine  (presumably hot during the day, and cold at night).

Perfect Weather Universal showing the weather in Fantasia after The Nothing had finished doing its work.
Part of my Lumia 950 homescreen in all its Windows 10 goodness.