The best feature of Windows Creators update

So last night I updated my main work horse, the 'beast' i7 Windows 10 machine to the latest update - the so-called 'creators' update.

The download took over an hour on my home network and the whole process was left to complete for several hours overnight. If you are thinking of updating then do so when you wont need to use your machine for maths homework, or general world domination.

What's new?
The new stuff is few and far between, to be honest, and I suspect that most people will either miss it, or not notice or need it at all.

There's the new Paint 3D app that you will get whether you like it or not. I am not sure that I need to create three-dimensional artwork, and my main go-to for digital art is SketchBook for Windows in all its 2D glory. I still remember the days when the best app for my IBM 286 was the Paintbrush application in Windows 3.1. I firmly believe that if all world leaders got together over a copy of Paintbrush, drew a doodle and then used the flood fill tool to colour it in, then the world would be a better place.

In the previous update Microsoft added functionality to Edge browser to let you draw on webpages. In the Creators update you can now draw on the Maps app, which no doubt will be of some use to the lost and confused. I've already drawn a big circle around my house and then sort of coloured it in a bit. Oh, well, moving on...

There are a load of new updates for Edge browser. I have been impressed with Edge from the beginning and it looks like this browser is getting ever closer to being a very good experience. It will at least help wean me off my destructive Chrome habit. Seriously, I am fed up of Chrome hogging system resources and failing to load pages.

The new night light setting allows you to change the amount of blue light your screen emits at night. This is because some studies have suggested that blue-light affects sleep. You can set it in synchronicity with the setting and rising of the sun for your location. I am not overly convinced that blue light has an effect on my sleep though. I am usually asleep like a baby at night, and if I am going to have sleep problems it is because I have woken up at 3am with a brain buzzing with more thoughts and worries than Macbeth. I have turned on the night light feature, but I will turn it off again if it doesn't look right; or if I need to stay up late coding, then I'll wear shades, increase brightness and turn the high-contrast settings on.

Which feature do I actually like?
There is one new feature that I have been long anticipating and that is that live tiles on your start menu can now be conveniently grouped together into folders. This is exactly the same as what you have been able to do on the Windows 10 phone and is incredibly useful for gathering tiles together and neatly packing them away.

Windows 10 live tiles on Lumia 950, now available for desktops running Creator's update.
To use this feature just grab a live tile and move it over another tile that you wish to join together.

Well, that's all for now. No doubt I will be back when I have discovered something else, either way I will be back posting something geeky for all you nerds to laugh at soon.