Advent Calendar for Geeks #05

Everyday of Advent I'm going to post a geeky link to something you can play with online until it is time to open your presents.

Touch Pianist

Touch Pianist is a fun web toy for playing a present piece of music. The tutorial features Moonlight Sonata, by Ludwig van Beethoven (which reached number one in the charts in 1801), but other tunes are available.

Plus one Geek Experience point for Batuhan Bozkurt

Play the piece is really easy, you simply have to click the screen whenever you feel musically inspired to do so. You can't get the notes wrong, although you may get the wrong timing, which is all part of the fun. The spacing between the glowing circles give some clue as to the intended rhythm for the tune, and with a little practice you will convince your friends that you are a musical prodigy.

This site urges you to run in Chrome, although I found that Chrome did not work very well at all, although everything was fine in Edge browser. There is also an Android version.

Have fun...more stuff tomorrow....