StoryBoard is my current favourite toy at the moment. StoryBoard helps you create awesome comic-book-style images in seconds whilst simultaneously requiring you to have absolutely no talent whatsoever... Currently available as an experimental app by Google for Android, StoryBoard allows you to load a video or gif image; the app then strips out individual frames as stills which it then applies artistic filters to make it look like a comic strip.

The processing all happens on your device, so you do not have to worry about upload times, or waiting for server time etc. Another good thing is that it does not try to add any frivolity to the image - no speech bubbles or 'kapows' or 'kersplats' - which would be someone distasteful..

The whole process is ludicrously easy. You simply select a video or gif and then wait a few seconds for the algorithm to select a few choice frames, There are half a dozen or more different filter styles and if you don't like the current selection a simple tap or swipe will generate a whole new different one.

And, well that's about it. I do hope you have fun making your home videos look like they belong at the start of an episode of Grange Hill.