Maze Generator

I really like this site. at the moment.  Maze Generator from is as good as they come.  You can create any size maze (within reason) and then let the computer solve it.  The algorithm uses a depth first tree search to test each path in the maze.  Here you can see the grey path has been 'visited' and rejected.  The current path being investigated is shown in blue.  For really large mazes you will want to leave the app running in a spare tab as the animation takes up most of the run time.

Maze in Microsoft's Edge browser

Settings allow you to alter the width, height and size of each cell.  You can also change the anfractuosity of the maze.  Yes, I had to look 'anfractuosity' up.  It means twisty-ness.

+1 geek experience point awarded to Do go and check out their other projects which include a game of life simulator among other stuff.

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