I made a command line personal assistant in BASIC

I am not 100% serious about this application, however, just to amuse some students I have written a personal digital assistant app in BBC BASIC for Windows.

Introducing Susan - your command line personal assistant.

Susan running in Windows 10
Susan can:

  • compose email;
  • keep you up to date with the news and weather;
  • solve mathematical expressions;
  • remember your wife's birthday;
  • search The Web;
  • run macros and scripts;
  • keep time;
  • say stuff
For the full list of features see the online help, or Susan's homepage.

The current version ( is available to download.  Should there be much interest in Susan, I'll add some new features (possibly alarms and reminders first).

I would appreciate helpful feedback through the social media links at the top right of this page.