It's been a long day, so no computing-related posts.  Although I have been playing around with my Raspberry Pi and building some new websites there is nothing new to show at this stage.  Instead here are some photos of my #Lego #TARDIS (from Doctor Who).  This was built from a kit that a kind relative gave to me over Christmas.

LEGO Ideas Doctor Who Assembly Kit

Idris: No. You were thinking you could build a working TARDIS console out of broken remnants of a hundred different models. And you don’t care that it’s impossible? The Doctor: It’s not impossible as long as we’re alive. Rory and Amy need me. So yeah, we’re gonna build a TARDIS.

The Doctor: Ah. Right. Yes. Bigger on the inside. Do you like it? Wilfred: I thought it’d be cleaner. The Doctor: Cleaner?! I could take you back home right now. Wilfred: Listen Doctor. If this is a time machine, that man you’re chasing. Why can’t you just pop back to yesterday and catch him?

River Song: Use the stabilisers! The Doctor: It doesn't have stabilisers! River Song: The blue switches! The Doctor: The blue ones don't do anything, they're just... blue! River Song: Yes they're blue: they're the blue stabilisers! [presses the button and the TARDIS indeed stabilises] See? The Doctor: Yeah? Well, it's boring now, isn't it? They're boring-ers! They're blue... boring-ers!

The Doctor: The metal’s just battle armor. The real Dalek creature’s inside. Statten: What does it look like? The Doctor: A nightmare. A mutation. The Dalek race was genetically engineered. Every single emotion was removed except hate. Statten: Genetically engineered. By whom? The Doctor: By a genius, Van Statten. By a man who was king of his own little world. You’d like him.