Day two: I broke my Pi

It is day two of my Raspberry Pi adventures and I have run into trouble. I wanted to listen to BBC Radio 4 this morning to catch up on some vital shipping forecasts.  Problems: Firefox for RISC OS didn't seem to run at all, so I fell back on the bundled browser NetSurf. Choice of browser was academic, of course, as the BBC use Flash in their internet radio (come on Beeb, sort this out!).

Undeterred I followed some forum advice (I wont link it here) to install Gnash on the Raspbian side of the Pi.

This install seems to have corrupted my computer as I am now unable to login to the Raspberry Pi under Raspbian.  The login dialogue appears, but upon entering my correct credentials the screen goes blank, the machine appears to do something and then the login dialogue appears again. This cycle continues regardless of what I type into the dialogue box.

I tried switching to Linux command line using CTRL+ALT+F1. Although this allowed me to enter my credentials, the screen goes blank and I can make no further progress.

I've posted here in case this is of use to someone, or indeed, if anyone can help.

The adventure will continue when I have rebuilt... stay tuned.

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