OSMC, or, what I did with my Pi next

Whilst waiting for a new larger SD card I thought I would give OSMC (Open Source Media Center) for Raspberry Pi a try.

The OSMC interface looking rather pretty.

OSMC is a Linux-based entertainment system. I've got mine hooked up to a 2TB external hard disk from which it effortlessly plays my music, movies and pictures. It also displays the weather (although curiously only in Heathrow) and  OSMC also comes with the capability to install various apps.  I've got the OneDrive and Flickr apps so I can view my cloud photo collection (my collection of cloud photos is impressive). There are also add-ons for Dropbox, Facebook, YouTube, eBooks, email, quizzes, RSS editors... etc....

Really, my RISC OS media center doesn't get a look-in anymore.

Now for some useful OSMC videos:

"It's a media player. It plays media. That's what media players do." - A video from ExplainingComputers

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