Music on Console for Raspberry Pi

Following on from last week's post on setting up my RISC OS Pi machine as a media center, I started to play around with the Raspbian distribution. I needed a lightweight media app to play music as i work, and a little research led me to MOC, or Music On Console.

The MOC console running on Raspbian.
This is very straight-forward.  If you are interested, type:

sudo apt-get install moc

Launch the application with:


MOC will run even if you don't have a GUI installed.  You can even close the terminal window or tab and your music will continue to play.

General Instructions

MOC is very simple to use. Navigation through your folder structure uses the cursor keys. Press 'Enter' to play.  Press 'n' to skip to the next track.

Press 'h' for help. This will bring up the list of keyboard short-cuts for controlling the system.  I have only just scratched the surface here.

It is also possible to control MOC from the command line through flags, ie characters following a dash.  For example, to stop the current playback, use:

mocp -s

Or, to display information about the current song file:

mocp -i's all folks!
MOC looks good and I look forward to experimenting with all that it can do over the next few weeks. It really is a very lightweight app - it is currently using less than 1% of my system resources.