What...another Little Man Computer update?!

That's right Little Man Computer fans - introducing Little Man Computer version  You will be thrilled to discover the new and updated version of the Little Man Computer by proceeding directly to the downloads page and grabbing your copy from the version link.

What's new in version 0.8?

  • The output report only opens if there is output to display.
  • Line labels can be numeric (if you really must...)
  • Screen-layout changed and a larger font and edit box used (useful for tired eyes)
  • Decorative art changed from naff robot to slick-looking context-sensitive artwork.   
LMC version running on Windows 7

New updates for the Little Man Computer

Introducing a new update for the Little Man Computer - version  Please proceed to the download page.

If you can contain your excitement, I'll explain what's new:
  •  Line numbers added (allows for better error correction).
  • White space is ignored by the parser.
  • Alternate comment character full stop (.)
  • Improved error messages.
  • Improved overflow error messages.

Image showing some of the new features of the Little Man Computer.


So this New Year I discovered the brilliant Computerphile series on YouTube.  At the time of writing they have 64 videos on all things computer related - of interest to all Computing students.

The following two videos are close to my heart.

Physicist Richard Hill revisits a childhood favourite "Elite" on the BBC, getting to grips with the assembly language programming, random number generators and wire-frame graphics.
Physicist Richard Hill takes us on a tour of the mighty model 'B' microcomputer from Acorn.