Photos of my travels #003

#Malham Cove and Janet's Foss in #Yorkshire (God's country) from the 18th April 2015.

The Buck Inn. One of two good pubs in Malham (don't expect much in the way of vegetarian food here though, go round the corner to the Lister).

You don't see these much these days

Malham Cove.
Anyone else see this, or is it just me?

It's a challenge.

Near the top.

Steps up to Malham Cove.


The pavement (that's 'sidewalk' if you are American).

I love this photo.

Dinosaur bones (sort of).

Dry stone walls and sheep.

Jantet's Foss (poor Janet, couldn't spell 'waterfall')

From Janet's Foss on a sunny spring day.

Nom nom nom