Games Workshop versus the Space Marines

Games Workshop versus the Space Marines

We recently stumbled upon the following article on the BBC news website (follow this link) about the latest in the Games Workshop versus The World Intellectual Property battle.  It seems that Games Workshop have wielded their legal muscles again and priced science-fiction author M.C.A. Hogarth out of a legal claim to the term 'Space Marine', claiming that the term (referring to the Warhammer 40K universe) is their property.

It is the opinion of Superdecade Games that the term 'Marine' is a generic term, and 'Space Marine' is simple one of those - but in space!  Are they going to make the same claim over 'Space Pirate'?  What about 'Space Winnebago'?  It would not surprise me if GW one day laid claim to the word 'Wizard'.

Visit Hogarth's website by following this link.

New version of Starfunk released

Introducing a new update to Starfunk - version 2_05_a.  (follow the links to the download page).

Starfunk is a game of interstellar trade and combat.  Take on the role of a smuggler, pirate, bounty hunter, trader or asteroid miner.  Explore a huge 2D universe and zap aliens.

What's new in version 2_05_a ? (05/Feb/2013)

Bugs fixed:
*The mining laser no longer slows the game down when activated.
*Making over 19 million space pounds no longer crashes the game.
*Missions are cancelled when traveling into another galaxy.

*All ships and commodities have been tweeked in the interests of game balance.
*Higher bounties and mission rewards.

New Stuff:
*5 new PC ships added.
*Pirates now travel in convoy.

Starfunk - the 2D space trading game.
There are many ways to play STARFUNK: complete missions for rewards; claim bounties on defeated pirates; plunder the trade convoys; mine the asteroids, or trade in up to 8 different commodities across countless solar systems.
 Start playing STARFUNK now -->follow the links to the download page).