Susan is your speaking personal assistant for Windows.

Get Susan now: open the downloads folder.

Need help? open Susan online help.

Susan's user interface, showing the current news, date, time and a friendly message!
Susan is a command-line personal assistant app for Windows. She currently understands nearly one hundred commands.

Susan has been tested on Windows 10, 8.1 and 7.

Here follows a brief tour of Susan's features:

Get up-to date news and weather. Susan pulls data from three different RSS feeds of your choice and you can work on Susan across all your devices.
Find the current news headlines and weather for your area with the 'news' and 'weather' commands.

Susan can do mathematics.
Solve mathematical expressions, or make assignments to variables. Pass your results to your favourite search engine.

Susan can be your memory with up to one thousand user-defined variables.
Having trouble remembering things? Then let Susan take notes for you.  Here we have set a variable '$address'.  We can now use this in other commands, for example 'google $address' will search google for our current address.

Susan can also open OneNote notes, notepad and other Windows apps and features.

Susan is predictive!  Start to type and Susan will attempt to auto-suggest completed commands:

Use the left/right cursor keys to select and up/down to complete.
See the help for more information, or visit the downloads page.

Get Susan now: open the downloads folder.

Need help? open Susan online help.

Trouble shooting
You might find that Windows blocks Susan from running. Follow the steps below to get it working.
Follow the downloads link above to open OneDrive. Select the files you want to download and then press the 'Download' button in the top left. By the ay, you should read the 'readme' file because it tells you what you can and cannot do with the software.

You might find that Windows blocks the executable file from running on your machine. Microsoft is being helpful here and attempting to block malicious code. Susan is NOT malicious, and IF YOU TRUST ME, select 'More info' and then 'Run anyway'